Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Computer Blue

There I was, minding my own business last Saturday when I turned on my laptop. And nothing happened. I could hear the fan, but no display. I went out for a while and came back and still nothing. Turned it off and on again and still nothing. Eventually took it to a friend who had a repair dude check it out and sure enough, it's a clear case of Computer No Worky. This wasn't a total shock, because the laptop got a Blue Screen of Death two months ago, so I knew death was imminent.

The GPU is fried and is beyond saving. Fortunately, the repair dude removed the hard drive and I'll be able to retrieve the photos, Word docs and MP3s on it. Most of my shizz was on a 500GB external HDD, but I'm a little concerned about that as well because I've tried to connect it to my work laptop and Deb's Macbook and it's not showing up. Hoping it's just a bad cable or something.

ANYHOO, what this means is there's no episode of CompCon or the radio show this week. I had hoped to create them on my work machine, but since the external drive isn't working and it's got most of my music on it, the endeavor's pretty much moot. So I'm off to get a shiny new laptop this weekend, which is exciting, I guess. And also a bummer because that's an expense we didn't need right now, but it can't be helped.

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