Monday, December 12, 2011

Completely Conspicuous 205: The End and Everything After

Part 3 of my conversation with special guest Matt Phillion as we discuss movie remakes. Listen to the episode below or download it directly (right click and "save as").

Show notes:

- Still going over bad remakes

- Jay: The Shaggy Dog with Tim Allen

- The original Disney movies were good

- Kurt Russell's the man

- Matt: Sabrina with Harrison Ford

- Harrison Ford should not do comedy

- Ashton Kutcher in Guess Who was problematic

- Nicole Kidman's made a bunch of crappy remakes: The Invasion, Bewitched, Stepford Wives

- Daniel Craig is too handsome for remake of Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

- Matt likes him some Noomi Rapace

- More bad remakes of Michael Caine movies: Alfie, Get Carter

- Stallone loves making movies

- Jason Statham is a charismatic action star

- Spider-man reboot on the way

- Jay: Have the Peter Jackson King Kong and still haven't watched it

- Matt: Zach Snyder directs with his dong

- Liked Watchmen, though

- How can you remake the Freddy Krueger movies without Robert Englund?

- Horror franchise reboots have been terrible

- Matt had shut off Human Centipede

- Hulk TV show changed Banner's name because "Bruce" was considered gay

- Batman movies of early '90s led the comic book film renaissance

- The Dark Knight comics were great, and brutal

- The Joel Schumacher Batman movies were horrendous

- Ben Affleck and Mark Wahlberg are only good in certain roles

- Matt: The Wolverine movie had great cast but was terrible

- Neither of us have seen many of the recent spate of comic book flicks

- Bonehead of the Week

Mark Lanegan Band - The Gravedigger's Song

Shearwater - Breaking the Yearlings

Handsome Furs - Repatriated

The Sheila Divine - Carve Away

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