Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hey Everyone

Less than four days to the marathon...and I have the beginnings of a sore throat. Dammit. This happened just before Philly and it turned into a chest cold that slowed me down. I'm hoping that this time around, it doesn't turn into more than an annoyance. I'm going to try and combat it with lots of fluids and rest...something new and different. I've been watching the weather forecasts closely and right now, everybody's predicting temps in the low 50s and a chance of rain, although the consensus seems to be that the rain will start in the afternoon. Sounds awesome to me. I went for a quick, hilly 4.5-miler with my buddy Rick on Tuesday and a slower 3.5-miler today. I feel pretty good, although my lower back was a little sore today. That's nothing new. It usually takes a few miles to loosen up and I'm fine. I'm excited to go in to the race expo on Saturday and pick up my number and then relax on Sunday. I'm going to write a column on my race experience Monday night for Tuesday's paper, much like I did in 2002 when I ran my first Boston. Only this time I'll actually get paid.

I've been making the most of the Center Ice package to watch the first few days of the NHL playoffs. Just saw the Bruins beat Montreal in game 1, 4-2. The Habs played them pretty tough, but Boston stepped it up in the third and got a big win. I've been watching bits and pieces of the other games on Versus and the hockey package. I love this time of year.

The Jays are continuing their great start, with a 7-3 record going into tonight. The offense has been unexpectedly on fire and some of the young starters like Ricky Romero and Scott Richmond have done well in addition to the great Roy Halladay. The Sox and Yanks are off to slow starts, but I'm sure they'll pick things up. I hope they don't, but they probably will. Wow, Kevin Millar just hit a grand slam to put the Jays up 9-1 over the Twins. Keeeee-rraazzzy.

Things are going well with the podcast. I've gotten some good feedback on my recent "conversation casts" with Jay Breitling and Eric Convey. Tomorrow night, I'm going to post the first part of the Ric Dube conversation that we recorded last Saturday; it's pretty long, but a lot of fun. Then I'll do the second part next Tuesday, I think.

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