Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Keep It Warm

Winter struck again today, causing Deb, Hannah and Lily to have their first snow days of the school year. The snow started early, turning to sleet by afternoon and now just rain. I went to work, but they closed the office at 3:30 so the parking lot could be plowed.

Deb used the free time to check out new cell phones. We bought our last ones in 2005 and while they still worked, they were pretty banged up and archaic by today's standards. Deb ended up getting a Verizon EnV, which opens up to reveal a full keyboard for texting. We got a deal where I got a more traditional Motorola phone for free; I could have whined and got the same phone as Deb, but honestly, I don't text that often and couldn't be bothered. I just need a phone that works as a voice communication device; it has a camera, which is fine, but I don't use my phone to take pictures or listen to music or watch videos.

Can't believe I'm already into week 4 of my marathon training. I'm feeling pretty good so far, but I've done a lot of treadmill running, which is a bummer. I ran outside for my 17-miler on Saturday and it wasn't bad; I was really careful to watch my footing so I didn't wipe out. I've got 20 coming up this weekend while we're in NJ.

I came across an interesting situation yesterday at work. There are four soda machines in our building and they are continually ripping people off, either eating dollar bills, out of soda, or giving you a Diet Coke when you want a Coke. I've probably had close to $30 in dollar bills eaten by those damn machines over the years. Yesterday afternoon I noticed that the machine near my office was unlocked; the door was closed to keep the sodas cold, but you could open it. For a split second, I considered the moral implications...and then I reached in and grabbed a couple of Cokes. And I told a few other people. The machines are run by the son of our building's landlord and between the mismanagement of the machines and the rest of the building (which leaks, is moldy, and has countless other problems), I figured we're due. When I came in this morning, the machine was open, but I didn't partake. Later in the morning, I was feeling sleepy and went out to get a Coke, but the machine had finally been locked. It was good while it lasted. Just as well that it's locked now...I'm trying to stay off that stuff, anyway.

Chips and dip:
  • No doubt you saw and laughed at the ads for the Snuggie, that wearable blanket thing that was hyped every 10 minutes over the holidays. Well, apparently the ads the tune of $40 million in sales. Maybe people figure they can save money on heating costs by wearing those silly things. Whatever the case, the dude selling the Snuggie is laughing all the way to the bank...while wearing a Snuggie.
  • The Super Bowl is this weekend and my interest is about as low as it's ever been. I'll root for Arizona just because they're the underdogs and I don't like the Steelers, but really, I'll be rooting for my Super Bowl squares to hit. Hey, the last time I won anything was when Tampa Bay beat the Raiders, another game I didn't give a rat's arse about.

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