Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dinosaur Act

Ah, a Saturday morning. Gotta love it. Deb let me sleep in today, which was much appreciated. Of course, she's got a lot of household chore stuff planned for me today, so I guess I shouldn't be too psyched.

The house painting is all done, finally. The place looks great. I'll post a photo sometime today.

I played hockey Thursday night for the first time in about six weeks, and the second time in the last three months. After the marathon in May, one thing after another came up; Deb was busy on some Thursday nights and I had some conflicts and all of a sudden, here we are in July. I actually felt pretty good out there, although my timing was way off. I could feel it later in the skate when I was getting winded much quicker. But I did manage to pop in a couple of goals, so that was cool. A guy on my team brought his 13-year-old son to play with us and the kid was pretty good, but damn, did he make me feel old.

Last night, I finished moving my CDs into wallets, at least the majority of them that I had alphabetized. I still have soundtracks, EPs, and a ton of bootlegs to file away. One thing I discovered during this exhaustive process was that jewel cases aren't recyclable; I had just assumed they were, but the type of plastic they're made of isn't accepted by our city recycling program (or pretty much any city's program). There's one place up in Salem, NH, that accepts them, but I wasn't about to ship 1,000 jewel cases up there. So I had to throw them out. It's kinda mind-blowing to think of how much space they used to take up compared to now. I have the booklets stored with the CDs, but not the inserts; I saved them, so I'm trying to figure out what to do with them. Might turn into an art project or something.

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