Saturday, July 19, 2008

Come on Down

It's gonna be a hot one today. Supposed to get up into the mid-90s. We're going up to Portsmouth to see a version of "Beauty and the Beast" performed in a park. At noon. Hopefully we can find some shade.

Only a week to go before we head down to Joisey Shore for our vacation. Actually, we're leaving next Friday. Can't wait, although the heat and humidity down there should make what we're dealing with now feel like a crisp fall day.

The New England Revolution are one of the better teams in the MLS, but they are receiving some different acclaim today after team officials subdued a crazy naked guy on their flight who was trying to open the emergency exit. Must have been a wild scene.

There was some good rock on TV this week. As I mentioned earlier, Rush was on The Colbert Report Wednesday, making their first U.S. TV appearance since 1975 on Don Kirshner's Rock Concert (back when they were young). Check it out here. Pretty funny stuff. And the Hold Steady were on the Letterman show the same night, playing "Sequestered in Memphis" and appearing in a pre-taped bit earlier in the show.

All right, time to go do some sweating.

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