Sunday, March 09, 2008

Circle the Fringes

Just a little jibba-jabba before I watch the series finale of The Wire...

It was a long week capped off by a busy weekend. It was Lily's 4th birthday yesterday, so we had a small party for both girls (Hannah's bday is next month). Deb's brother Matt and his family plus his niece Dori, who's best buds with Hannah and Lily, were up for the weekend. The kids had a blast even though it poured buckets outside. This morning, I got up and ran the North Shore 3oK in Beverly while Matt did the 10.5K race they had simultaneously. It wasn't too cold, but there were some serious 40 mph winds blowing out there. Finished in 2:48 and felt pretty good. Then showered and took the girls up to see my mom, who threw a little party of her own for Lily. Needless to say, lots of presents and cake for both girls this weekend.

On Thursday night, we went to the science fair at Hannah's elementary school. She did a project with Deb comparing two different types of grass seed and how quickly they grew. Very cute. I was impressed at how many projects there were, although you could see some parents really went to town on some of them.

Okay, more later.

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