Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Lure Would Prove Too Much

Word up. A big change is sweeping the land tonight. Democrats are doing well in the midterm elections. Don't know quite yet if they'll win control of the House, but they're certainly making an impact. Not surprising, really. Should be an interesting next couple of years.

Right now, Deval Patrick is making his acceptance speech as the new governor of Massachusetts. He's the first Democrat governor we've had in 16 years, and he's the first black governor this state has ever had. Change is afoot indeed.

Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?
  • There's other big news besides the elections today. Holy crap, Britney's divorcing K-Fed! Is this a surprise to anyone?
  • The mid-80s pop trio lineup of Genesis is reuniting for its first tour in 15 years. I liked them more when Peter Gabriel was fronting the band in a flower costume, but they had some decent songs until Phil Collins totally de-progified them.
  • Congrats to Lance Armstrong, who finished the NYC Marathon on Sunday in 2:59 with minimal training. Imagine how he would have done if he had seriously trained. Also, crazy Dean Karnazes finished in 3:00, which was all the more impressive considering it was his 50th marathon in 50 different states on 50 consecutive days. UK rapper The Streets, aka Mike Skinner, had to drop out of the race because of a torn muscle. I just read recently that the late Joe Strummer of the Clash was a marathon runner (scroll halfway down the page for a couple of photos of him running); he ran the London and Paris marathons in the early '80s during the height of his career. Whoda thunk it?

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