Sunday, April 02, 2006

Star Witness

Ah, Daylight Savings you torture us so. I know it's an annual sign of spring, but dammit, I need that hour of sleep. Today wasn't as bad as some other years past, when I've had things to do on Sunday morning and stayed out too late doing stuff I shouldn't Saturday night; those were the years when I really hated DST. Oh well, at least it's been nice and warm out lately.

It was good to see my mom (she's leaving Tuesday morning) and my brother and his family (who left today). They had fun visiting the girls and the girls had fun seeing them again. Mom's getting ready to move back to New Hampshire from Toronto, so it'll be nice to have her relatively close by again.

After a week without so much as attempting to run, I got on the treadmill today and ran two miles without pain. I did them slower than normal and started to feel a little strain with about a half-mile to go, but it was nowhere near the experience I had last weekend. I've been slacking off on the icing, though, and both my heels are still sore, so I need to keep working on that end of it.

What's the frequency, Kenneth?:
  • My fantasy baseball draft went well Saturday. I thought I picked a good team. Of course, I'm always optimistic before the season starts. I had the third pick of the draft and after Pujols and A-Rod were selected, I took Twins ace Johan Santana. I'm due for a good showing in baseball, so maybe this will be my year.
  • After years of speculation, moviegoers this weekend saw a quick preview of an upcoming Simpsons movie coming in the summer of 2007. Although I'm skeptical of how they'll pull off a 90-minute movie when sometimes a 20-minute episode can be uneven at best, I'm hoping they can do it. After all, the South Park and Beavis and Butt-head movies were well done.
  • Speaking of movies, Basic Instinct 2 took a drubbing at the box office this weekend despite a media blitz from Sharon Stone. The cheese factor is super-high, and it's never a good sign when in your first week of release, you're tied with Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector.

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