Monday, January 12, 2004

Hey thar. I really have no excuse for posting anything in the last week, because it's been so damn cold I've been indoors most of the time. I'm not just talking 20s and 30s...we were in single digits from about Thursday through yesterday. It actually got up into the 30s today, nice and balmy.

Tonight was Cam Neely Night at the FleetCenter. They retired his number and showed a lot of clips of him beating the crap out of people. He truly was a dominating presence for the Bruins.

Speaking of the Bruins, I'm going on a little road trip with a couple of buddies from work up to Montreal to see the B's play the Habs on Jan. 31. We'll stay over and drive back that Sunday, just in time for the Super Bowl. Which hopefully will feature the Patriots, who beat Tennessee over the weekend to advance to the AFC title game against Indy; Eagles vs. Panthers in the NFC game.

So the Netflix trial is going well. Watched "Dr. Strangelove" yesterday morning...Peter Sellers was the man. We've got "Hard Core Logo" (Canadian flick about a punk band that I've always wanted to see) and "The Shawshank Redemption" to watch. Deb went on to add a few more Deb movies to the queue.

In the spirit of giving it a shot, I just signed up for a free one-week trial of Rhapsody, the online music service from the good folks at I'd heard my old Webnoize homiez OJ and Lee sing its praises on numerous occasions, so I figured I'd give it a shot. They do have a ton of music.

Okay, it's getting cold in here. Promise to write more. Wish you were here. Right.

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