Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Completely Conspicuous 459: Reeling in the Years, 1991 (Part 1)

Part 1 of my conversation with guest Brian Salvatore as we look back at the music of 1991. Listen to the episode below or download directly.

Show notes:
- Check out Brian's podcast Input/Output
- Wrapping up our look at the music of the years 1980-1999
- 1991 really kicked off the '90s musically
- Brian was 9, Jay was 23
- Alt-rock took off in '91
- Big year for Metallica
- Plenty of pop and one-hit wonders
- Bryan Adams and Color Me Badd had strong years
- Big efforts from A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, NWA and Public Enemy
- Styx had a song land in the top 100 singles
- Rock radio was still rooted in classic rock
- Billboard switched to Soundscan charts
- Freddie Mercury died on same day as Eric Carr of KISS
- Van Halen's slide into irrelevancy
- Since '91, VH has released three albums with three different singers
- Red Hot Chili Peppers hit their peak
- Albums Jay liked in '91: RHCP, Live, Spin Doctors
- Quintessential '90s tunes
- Talking Heads officially split
- To be continued

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The opening and closing theme of Completely Conspicuous is "Theme to Big F'in Pants" by Jay Breitling. Find out more about Senor Breitling at his fine music blog Clicky Clicky. Voiceover work is courtesy of James Gralian.

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