Saturday, July 30, 2016

Stuck In Thee Garage #139: July 29, 2016

Politics and rock music have always been strange bedfellows. You've either got artists supporting candidates or complaining when one uses their music at a campaign event. And of course, there have been plenty of great songs about politics released over the years. This week on Stuck In Thee Garage, I played songs about politics in hour 2. It's, like, cool and stuff.

The presidential playlist:

Hour 1
Artist - Song/Album
Krill - Meat/Krill
Johnny Foreigner - The Worst of Us/Mono No Aware
PUP - DVP/The Dream is Over
Outer Spaces - Words/A Shedding Snake
CC Dust - Never Going to Die/CC Dust
The Big Pink - Hightimes/Empire Underground
VHS - Wheelchair/Gift of Life
Beach Slang - Ride the Wild Haze/The Things We Do to Find People Who Feel Like Us
Joanna Gruesome - Occult Bookshop/Pretty Fucking Sick (of it all)
The Parrots - Jame Gumb/Los Ninos Sin Miedo
Cosmonauts - A-OK!/A-OK!
Versing - Early Spring/Nude Descending
50FOOTWAVE - Human/Bath White
The Swagger - Stoned/The Swagger
Nai Harvest - Melanie/Hairball
Cool Ghouls - Sundial/Animal Races
Steve Gunn - Heavy Sails/Eyes on the Lines
The Tragically Hip - Machine/Man Machine Poem

Hour 2: Politics
Neil Young - Rockin' in the Free World (acoustic)/Freedom
MC5 - Kick Out the Jams/Kick Out the Jams
Bad Brains - I Against I/I Against I
The Jam - Going Underground/In the City
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - Nobody's Driving/Rapid Response
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - Suspect Device/Live at the Touch and Go 25th birthday party 9/8/06
Public Enemy - Fight the Power/It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back
Prince - Ronnie, Talk to Russia/Controversy
!!! - Me and Giuliani Down by the Schoolyard (True Story)/Me and Giuliani Down by the Schoolyard
R.E.M. - Exhuming McCarthy/Document
Jarvis Cocker - Running the World/Jarvis
Talking Heads - Don't Worry About the Government/Talking Heads 77
The Rolling Stones - Street Fighting Man/Beggars Banquet
The Clash - Straight to Hell/Combat Rock

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