Friday, April 01, 2016

Stuck In Thee Garage #124: April 1, 2016

Where would we be without the telephone? Good ol' Alexander Graham Bell never realized how connected we'd be to the goddamn things, but for pretty much anything but speaking to each other. One great thing you can do on a cell phone is listen to Stuck In Thee Garage, and this week's show features songs about phones in hour 2.

Not sure if Gordon Gekko was getting much Internet radio on his cinder block phone, though.

Greed is good, and so is this playlist:

Hour 1
Artist - Song/Album
Pavement - Sordid/Wowee Zowee - Sordid Sentinel Edition
Bob Mould - Pray for Rain/Patch the Sky
PJ Harvey - The Wheel/The Hope Six Demolition Project
David Bowie - Sue (Or in a Season of Crime)/Blackstar
Bleached - Keep On Keepin' On/Welcome the Worms
A Giant Dog - Sex & Drugs/Pile
Hit Bargain - The Circuits That Cannot Be Cut/Hit Bargain EP
Savages - Sad Person/Adore Life
The I Don't Cares - Done Done Done/Wild Stab
Washer - Figure Me Out/Here Comes Washer
Yuck - Cannonball/Stranger Things
WOODS - I See in the Dark/City Sun Eater in the River of Light
Family Video - You in the Night/Places to Sleep
Chandos - Everyone's an Expert/Rats in Your Bed
TV Freaks - D.Y.O.T./D.Y.O.T.-The Pits 7"
The Posies - Daily Mutilation/Amazing Disgrace
The Glands - Livin' Was Easy/The Glands
Poison Girls - Crisis/Statement

Hour 2: Phones
Blondie - Hangin' on the Telephone/Parallel Lines
X - Your Phone's Off the Hook, But You're Not/Los Angeles
The Pretenders - The Phone Call/Pretenders
Gang of Four - Call Me Up/Songs of the Free
The Replacements - Answering Machine/Let It Be
Pointed Sticks - Telephone Song/Part of the Noise
Pods - Where I'm Calling From/Where I'm Calling From
Adrian Belew - Phone Call from the Moon/Young Lions
Hallelujah the Hills - Pick Up an Old Phone/Have You Ever Done Something Evil?
The Black Angels - Telephone/Phosphene Dream
R.E.M. - Star 69/Monster
Buffalo Tom - Bad Phone Call/Live at the Paradise 6/30/06
Metric - Collect Call/Fantasies
The White Stripes - Hello Operator/Fantasies
Mr. Airplane Man - Hang Up/C'mon DJ
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Flavor/Orange

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