Saturday, February 13, 2016

Stuck In Thee Garage #117: February 12, 2016

Valentine's Day means different things to different people. Some buy flowers, some pay for expensive dinners, some make huge romantic gestures. Me, I play the rock music. This week on Stuck In Thee Garage, I played songs about love in hour 2. Not necessarily love songs, though.

The "kicked in the butt by love" playlist:

Hour 1
Artist - Song/Album
Halfsour - Employees Must Wash Hands/Tuesday Night Live
Lubec - Late Bloomer/Concentration
Living Hour - Steady Glazed Eyes/Living Hour
Ty Segall - Mandy Cream/Emotional Mugger
The I Don't Cares - King of America/Wild Stab
Iggy Pop - Break Into Your Heart/Post Pop Depression
Yuck - I'm OK/Stranger Things
Night Beats - Sunday Mourning/Who Sold My Generation
Rocketship - "Sleeping Pills"/"Sleeping Pills"
Yeasayer - I Am Chemistry/Amen & Goodbye
Du Vide - The Hell It Is/Clutter
Two Inch Astronaut - Woodstock '99/Personal Life
Washer - Human/Here Comes Washer
Solids - Wait It Out/Else
Protomartyr - Feast of Stephen/The Agent Intellect

Hour 2: Songs about love
Sloan - Shadow of Love/The Double Cross
O Positive - Talk About Love/Cloud Factory
The Feelies - Loveless Love/Crazy Rhythms
Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart/Permanent
Kaiser Chiefs - Everyday I Love You Less and Less/Employment
The Dears - Hate Then Love/Gang of Losers
XTC - Love at First Sight/Black Sea
Big Star - I'm in Love With a Girl/Radio City
Maria McKee - If Love is a Red Dress (Hang Me in Rags)/Pulp Fiction soundtrack
Spoon - Is Love Forever?/Transference
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - Who Do You Love?/Living With the Living
The Kickovers - Fake in Love/Osaka
Jonny Polonsky - Evil Scurvy Love/Hi My Name is Jonny
The Jam - Takin' My Love/In the City
Van Halen - So This is Love?/Fair Warning
Nirvana - Love Buzz/Sub Pop Singles Club
Grinderman - Love Bomb/Grinderman

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