Friday, July 03, 2015

Stuck In Thee Garage #87: July 3, 2015

On this holiday weekend, it's a good time to celebrate what's great about this nation of ours. To my mind, it's the fact that there's so much to explore and do. This week on Stuck In Thee Garage, I played songs about different locales across the USA in hour 2. Fire up the grill and enjoy.

Pretty sure Beavis and Butt-head would hate most of this playlist:

Hour 1
Artist - Song/Album
White Reaper - Last 4th of July/White Reaper Does It Again
Beeef - Firework/A Beeef EP
Philadelphia Collins - Dogsbody/Derp Swervin'
Palehound - Molly/Dry Food
Titus Andronicus - Come On, Siobhan (Mixtape mix)/Sorry for the Delay
MAFF - Blue Seas/Maff
Thee Oh Sees - Holy Smoke/Mutilator Defeated at Last
The Drums - I Can't Pretend/Encyclopedia
ThinLips - Nothing Weird/Divorce Year
Joanna Gruesome - I Don't Wanna Relax/Peanut Butter
Barrence Whitfield and the Savages - Incarceration Casserole/Under the Savage Sky
Spider Bags - Japanese Vacation/Live on WFMU
Natural Velvet - Scars/Salome with the Head of John the Baptist
Kudgel - Chicken Pump/Chicken Pump 7-inch
Swirlies - Tree Chopped Down/Blonder Tongue Audio Baton
Buffalo Tom - Treehouse/Big Red Letter Day
Chris Whitley - Some Candy Talking/Din of Ecstasy

Hour 2: Coast to coast
The Walkmen - Lost in Boston/A Hundred Miles Off
The Hold Steady - Hostile, Mass./Almost Killed Me
Aerosmith - Bone to Bone (Coney Island Whitefish Boy)/Night in the Ruts
Jesse Malin and the St. Marks Social - Burning the Bowery/Love It to Life
The Lemonheads - Poughkeepsie/The Lemonheads
Bad Brains - Banned in DC/Bad Brains
Spoon - Chicago at Night/Girls Can Tell
Lefty's Deceiver - Cincinnati on Replay/Cheats
Max Webster - April in Toldeo/Universal Juveniles
Pavement - Pueblo/Wowee Zowee
Maritime - Air Arizona/Human Hearts
The Twilight Singers - Fat City (Slight Return)/Blackberry Belle
Liz Phair - South Dakota/Juvenilia EP
Drive Like Jehu - Bullet Train to Vegas/Yank Crime
Rancid - Olympia WA/...And Out Come the Wolves
Eagles of Death Metal - San Berdoo Sunburn/Peace Love Death Metal
Les Savy Fav - Sleepless in Silverlake (Acoustic version)/Root for Ruin

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