Saturday, June 13, 2015

Stuck In Thee Garage #84: June 12, 2015

A whole hell of a lot can happen in 25 years. In 1990, you could sense things were changing in the world of rock music, but it was still a hodgepodge of styles and genres as hair metal and classic rock still dominated the radio. But the burgeoning alt-rock scene was about to blow up within the next two years. This week on Stuck In Thee Garage, I played songs from 1990 in hour 2 and many of them were on albums that preceded breakthroughs, however big or small.

The Black Lodge-approved playlist:

Hour 1
Artist - Song/Album
J. Mascis and Kim Gordon - Slow Boy/CONS EP, Vol. 3
Pile - Mr. Fish/You're Better Than This
Damaged Bug - The Frog/Cold Hot Plumbs
Faith No More - Sunny Side Up/Sol Invictus
Snuff Redux - Disintegrate the Days/Toy Kingdom
Mikal Cronin - Control/MCIII
Krill - Phantom/A Distant Unclenching Fist
Ty Segall - Circles/Mr. Face
Yo La Tengo - Automatic Doom/Stuff Like That There
Jim O'Rourke - Half Life Crisis/Simple Songs
The Acorn - Palm Springs/Vieux Loop
Trembling Bells - Killing Time in London Fields/The Sovereign Self
Sloan - The Lesson/Alternates
Speedy Ortiz - Mister Difficult/Foil Deer
Sleater-Kinney - Hey Darling/No Cities to Love
White Reaper - I Don't Think She Cares/White Reaper Does It Again

Hour 2: 1990
Sonic Youth - Kool Thing/Goo
Ride - Vapour Trail/Nowhere
Jane's Addiction - Ain't No Right/Ritual De Lo Habitual
Pixies - Down to the Well/Bossanova
The Breeders - Lime House/Pod
Fugazi - Blueprint/Repeater
Soul Asylum - Spinnin'/And the Horse They Rode In On
The Pursuit of Happiness - Runs In the Family/One Sided Story
The Posies - Help Yourself/Dear 23
Redd Kross - Annie's Gone/Third Eye
Mark Lanegan - Mockingbirds/The Winding Sheet
Hindu Love Gods - Battleship Chains/Hindu Love Gods
Yo La Tengo - You Tore Me Down/Fakebook
World Party - Way Down Now/Goodbye Jumbo
Living Colour - Type/Time's Up
Neil Young and Crazy Horse - Mansion on the Hill/Ragged Glory

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