Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Completely Conspicuous 372: Expiration Date

Part 1 of my conversation with guest Jay Breitling about whether songs have an expiration date. Listen to the episode below or download directly (right click and "save as").

Show notes:
- JK: After a bad breakup, couldn't listen to "Wild Horses" for years
- "Suite Judy Blue Eyes" as a torture device
- Classic rock and top 40 stations overplay certain songs to the point of no return
- Indie rock is only played on college radio for the most part (in Boston, anyway)
- Parody songs are often dated, although Weird Al endures
- In the '80s and '90s, you could get sick of songs both on radio and video
- Playlists were very tight
- Pop and rock music steers clear of social issues nowadays
- More focused on personal statements
- Ted Cruz loves country
- UK acts disavow David Cameron's fandom
- Looking back not so fondly at the hardcore scene
- To be continued

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The opening and closing theme of Completely Conspicuous is "Theme to Big F'in Pants" by Jay Breitling. Find out more about Senor Breitling at his fine music blog Clicky Clicky. Voiceover work is courtesy of James Gralian.

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