Sunday, June 08, 2014

Trust Fund Challenge #1: Super Goop (1976)

I'm proud to unveil the debut of a new project Ric Dube and I have been working on for months: Trust Fund Challenge. Call it a video podcast, call it a web series, but the general idea is Ric and I play video store workers who stand to inherit $1 million from the store's late owner if we watch all the weird videos he kept stored in a locker. Each episode has us watching and commenting on rare pop culture detritus that Ric has collected over the years. You don't ever see us, but you hear us cracking wise throughout. It's obviously rooted in the MST3K tradition, but with our own spin on it.

Episode 1 is Super Goop, a 1976 animated short that purports to show the marketing savvy behind popular children's cereals. Ric actually watched it in school as a child.

We've recorded several episodes of TFC already and I believe they're going to come out monthly. If you know Doobs, you know there's no end to the variety of obscure video he's got at the ready. This has been a blast to work on and we hope you dig it as well.

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