Saturday, February 21, 2009

Not That Social

Here I sit on a lazy Saturday morning and I already have my 20-miler behind me. It's a nice feeling. It wasn't a nice feeling yesterday while I was actually doing the run. The girls were off at Disney on Ice and I headed out on a cold morning--temps in the mid-20s, strong winds, and an unexpected inch of snow on the ground from the night before. My legs felt heavy and I struggled throughout the run; it took me longer than expected and Deb and the girls caught an earlier train. I was supposed to pick them up, but I was still a mile out when the train pulled in; fortunately some friends of ours were on the train and gave them a ride home. I had skipped my Thursday tempo run because I was running long yesterday, so I'll get that in tomorrow.

Tonight I'm heading to the Somerville Theater to check out Cinematic Titanic, the latest venture from most of the old Mystery Science Theater 3K crew. They'll be showing some crappy old martial arts flick and making with the jokey-jokes throughout. Should be a blast. They've been releasing DVDs for about a year, but this is their first tour.

While I'm out tonight, I'll miss the Leafs-Canucks game, which features the return of Mats Sundin to Toronto. There's been a lot of back and forth up in TO about whether fans will boo or cheer their former captain. Anybody who boos him is a moron. That guy busted his butt for 13 years for the Leafs and is one of the greatest players in franchise history. Sure, he didn't lead them to a Cup, but I blame that on the GMs over the years as much as anything. I'll be TiVoing the game and watching it after I get home tonight, and I'll cheer him on.

Speaking of TiVo, I've still got to watch the last two shows of Late Night with Conan O'Brien that just aired, wrapping up his 16-year run at 12:30 on NBC. In June, he takes over for Jay Leno as host of The Tonight Show. Hopefully, he won't tone it down too much, because it's been fun watching his consistently hilarious show over the years. One of the best things on the show was Robert Smigel's Triumph the Insult Comic Dog; I sure hope he still makes appearances on the new show. In the meantime, here's a collection of some of his greatest moments. Classic.

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