Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cheap Champagne

Whiling away the minutes until Game 6 of the NBA finals...

It's hard to believe, but Hannah's finishing up her kindergarten year this week. We found out last week that she'll be going to first grade at a school across town, not far from where I lived for a few years before Deb and I got a place together. I'll have to change my route to work to drop her off each day, going back to the route I took from '97 to '99, because it goes right past her new school.

My golf outing Saturday wasn't as successful as the previous one, but it was still fun. I shot a 50 (compared to the 42 I pulled out of my butt three weeks ago), but it was a beautiful day and I had some good shots.

Sunday morning, I got up and had a nice 10-mile run. Well, it was nice until the rain started pouring at about mile 8. I was drenched by the time I got home. After I got back, my stomach started bothering me and I was out of sorts for the rest of the day, kind of the lingering after-effects of a mild bug that had ailed me for about a week. Feeling a lot better now, though.

Getting psyched to see a couple of shows in the next few days: the power-pop goodness of Sloan at TT the Bears in Cambridge tomorrow night and the classic metal of Iron Maiden at the newly rechristened Comcast Center (aka Tweeter Center aka Great Woods) in Mansfield on Friday. Talk about different ends of the rock spectrum. Looking forward to both shows equally.

Drum roll, maestro:
  • The baseball season lurches into the dog days of summer, and teams have been sucking long enough for people to get fired. One of those people is Mets manager Willie Randolph, who was deservedly shitecanned this morning. Although the way it was handled by Mets GM Omar Minaya was pretty bush league, announcing it in an e-mail press release at 3:14 a.m. Randolph found out from reporters in his hotel in Anaheim, where the team was in town to play the Angels. Weak.
  • Beauty news, eh? Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas are reviving their classic SCTV characters Bob and Doug McKenzie for an animated series. Looks like it'll be on in Canada only at first (makes sense, I suppose, since the McKenzie brothers are quintessentially Canuckian), but hopefully it'll make its way Stateside. If you're some young whippersnapper reading this and saying, "Bob and Doug who?", then get thee to a video store and rent "Strange Brew," dammit. And if you're too lazy to do that, then watch this or this. And if you still don't think that's funny, well, just take off, you hoser.
  • Back to baseball. My fantasy team has been snakebit all season, with at least eight regulars going on the DL at one point or another. The latest is Yankees starter Chien-Ming Wang, who injured his foot while running the bases the other night. Seriously. I love baseball, but some of these guys (mainly pitchers) are the sorriest excuses for athletes you'll ever see. Noted pantload Bartolo Colon of the Red Sox strained his back last night while striking out. So of course Yankees loudmouth owner-in-training Hank Steinbrenner (son of George) starts ranting and raving about how it's the National League's fault for having pitchers hit. Yeah, I'm sure it has nothing to do with your pitcher not being able to run 90 feet without injuring himself. Jackass.


Jay Breitling said...

That's hot McKenzie Brothers news, I had no idea.

Jay said...

Yeah, those guys rule. I used to know a lot of dudes like that up in Canadia.