Sunday, January 20, 2008

Let's Do It Again

Man, it's amazing how quickly a week goes by. Sorry for the lack of blogification. No excuses. I just spent much of the day watching football. The Pats beat the Chargers in the AFC championship, 21-12 (Neil Peart would approve) to advance to the Super Bowl in two weeks. Tom Brady didn't have his greatest game, but the Pats played just well enough to win and are now 18-0 on the season. The defense was immense, holding the Chargers to just four field goals. Awesome. Then I watched the Giants knock off the Packers 23-20 in an overtime game that neither team seemed to want to win. The Packers were at home, but it was -24 with the wind chill and they looked awful. No offense, Brett Favre looked washed up and it was only because the Giants' kicker missed a couple of field goals late in the game that it even went to OT. Favre threw an interception early in the extra period and the Giants marched back down the field, where kicker Lawrence Tynes blasted a 47-yard field goal to win it (longer than either of the ones he missed). So it's Pats vs. Giants on February 3. Get ready for the unbearable two weeks of overhype.

I also watched the Leafs lose to the Devils, 3-2, in a 5 p.m. start in New Jersey that was even more sparsely attended than most Devils games because of the NFC championship game. The loss snapped the Leafs' three-game winning streak, which they began after losing 11 of 13 and fueling endless rumors about firings and trades.

My first week of marathon training went well, culminating in a 14-miler yesterday. It was challenging because of the ice and snow on the roads, but hey, it's winter.


jbreitling said...

Indeed, it would seem the Pats banished the Chargers from the temples of Syrinx.

Jay said...

Their great computers fill these hallowed halls.