Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Lines You Amend

Word to your moms, I came to drop bombs. Man, I don't know how those daily bloggers do it. I actually tried to write this post Tuesday night but couldn't access Blogger, which as I found out later, was shut down for maintenance. Whatevah.

So we've gone three straight weekends with nothing but rain. My softball team has had two practices and our first doubleheader washed out. Our next games are scheduled for Sunday and wouldn't you know it, the forecast calls for pain. I mean, rain. But with the rain would also come pain.


Anyhoo, I'm finally healthy after a couple of weeks of feeling absolutely miserable, what with the coughing and the stuffiness and the pinkeye and the GLAAAAAYVEN. I played hockey again last night after a few weeks off, so I'm pretty wiped today. I continued running all along, although I didn't push it by trying to do a long run of 7 or 8 miles. Maybe this weekend, although the rain could put the proverbial kibosh on that.

Words, words:
  • Bill Gates says the iPod's popularity won't last. Wishful thinking, perhaps? One theory is that Apple may be planning to stop manufacturing the iPod and just license that out, to focus on the massive success of iTunes. Makes sense when you think about it. Meanwhile, mobile phone makers like Ericsson and Nokia are introducing cell phones with increased hard drive storage to hold many more songs. Who knows, maybe they're on to something. The kids love the cell phones, and if it plays as many songs as an iPod Mini, why not go with one device?
  • Think Comedy Central regrets signing Dave Chappelle to a $50 million contract last year? Dude just checked into a mental hospital in South Africa, according to Entertainment Weekly. Dayamn. I hope he gets his shizz together and gets back on the air, but you've gotta figure something is very wrong with him right now.
  • This story is amazing. Vikings running back Onterrio Smith is busted at the airport with a white powdery substance that turns out to be...dried urine. Which came as part of a kit called The Whizzinator that supposedly helps one pass drug tests. But that's not all: the kit comes with a fake penis that the user brandishes while filling a cup with bogus tinkle. Wow.
  • The World Hockey Championships have moved into the semifinals. Today in the quarters, Canada edged Slovakia, 5-4, on a Joe Thornton goal late in the third; the Czech Republic knocked off the U.S. in a shootout, Sweden nipped Switzerland and Russia beat Finland in the other games. This sets up Canada-Russia and Sweden-Czech on Saturday. Of course, we hockey fans in the U.S. (all 12 of us) can't watch a second of it on TV because ESPN's more concerned with poker. Of course, the way the NHL's powers-that-be are bitching up the game, who can blame ESPN for looking for viable alternatives to hockey? Still sucks, though.

Aiight, I'm beat. I'll be back in a day or two to rock some MP3s for you.

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