Monday, November 01, 2004

I Wanna Be Elected

After months of jibber-jabbering and mudslinging, it all comes down to tomorrow. Election Day. Why do I get the feeling we're still going to be wondering who the next president is a month from now? Yeesh.

Halloween was fun for the girls. My office hosted its annual Halloween parade in which employees' kids come and do their trick or treating in the office. It's a good candy haul for the kids and a lot of fun. Some departments go all out in decorating their areas; the Finance Department took top honors for their painstaking rendition of Fenway Park. The timing was good because the Sox won the World Series the night before. My group ended up not doing anything, so I dressed up as Elvis Superfly. The costume can be summed up as such: jumpsuit, 'fro, fat. Deb brought the girls in. Hannah was dressed as Dora the Explorer and Lily was Dora's sidekick Boots the Monkey. Photo to come. They had a blast. The Halloween vibe continued as we went down to Joisey to my bro-in-law Matt's house for their kids' Halloween party Saturday. And then we got back to Sunday and took the girls to a few neighbors' houses for Halloween itself. We don't get many trick-or-treaters on our street, which is off the busy Route 1A. I counted six groups of kids the entire night, which set a new record for us. All of which means we've got a ton of candy sitting around that I need to take to work before I inhale it all.

The Patriots finally had their 21-game winning streak snapped yesterday by the Steelers, who soundly thrashed them 34-20. Hey, they were due.

Instead of Hockey Night in Canada, the CBC is showing Saturday night movies. And the sad thing for the NHL is, they're getting nearly the same ratings. My guess is folks are gathering around their sets in the Great White North, hoping against hope that the Leafs game will be on. I suspect there won't be any games for quite some time. Although it's nice to see that some dissension is growing among the players, especially the lower-paid ones who have the most to lose from a prolonged work stoppage.

As always, The Onion kicks ass.

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