Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Less Talk, More Blog

After my monstrosity of a post the other day, I figured I'd go back to my traditional format. Which, of course, is no format at all.

Michael "Thanksdad" Powell is back...with his very own blog. It's not really a blog, per se. Powell writes a column defending his stupid decisions and then a bunch of Always On members post responses, to which he posts responses. Not exactly riveting, but it is interesting to see the counterbalance of ass-kissers and Stern fans bashing the FCC chief. As a wise man once said, "His whole head sucks."

VH1 has begun airing its latest nostalgia fest, I Love the 90s. Ah yes, there's nothing like C-level celebs like Mo Rocca sharing their memories of pop culture. Who am I kidding, that stuff is like crack. Once you start watching it, it's hard to stop. Coming soon from VH1: I Love the Early 00s. Remember that crazy song, "Who Let the Dogs Out?" That was wack.

The baseball all-star game was tonight, and Fox annoyed me right from the start. Tragically Hip frontman Gord Downie was slated to sing the Canadian national anthem before the game, but Fox figured we needed to see more Taco Bell commercials, so they didn't show it. They just cut back from commercial to the American anthem and the first pitch by Muhammad Ali. Puds. By the way, the new Hip album "In Between Evolution" is muy excellente. A lot rawer than their last several CDs, harking back to their first few albums. Looking forward to seeing them come back to the area.

Back to the all-star game, I had to laugh that after all the Clemens hype that Fox aired during the pre-game show (including a stupid intro based on "The Blues Brothers"), Roger came out and promptly got lit up for six runs in the first. That sound you heard was casual fans all over the country clicking back to whatever stupid reality TV show is on tonight.

It's the midway point of the baseball season and my Blue Jays are playing even crappier than expected, 10 games under .500 and fighting Baltimore for last place in the AL East. Sure, it hasn't helped that the bullpen sucks and they had significant injuries to their top four hitters--Delgado, Wells, Catalanotto and Greg Myers--but even when everyone was in the lineup in April, they were awful.

Rob Bradford was up in Toronto over the weekend doing a book signing for "Chasing Steinbrenner" with a group of Jays fans. He surprised them by bringing along a special guest: Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi, who is featured in the book along with Sox GM Theo Epstein. I talked to Rob after he got back; he said people couldn't have been nicer up there, except for the print media, who don't like Ricciardi and therefore have snubbed Bradford and his book. They're just mad because the Leafs haven't done squat this offseason except remain old by signing all their geezer free agents. But that's another bitch session for another day.

I think the Brits are onto something here. Or is that on something?

This guy is not loving life. I just don't understand the attraction of it all.

Hold onto your hats: It's finally here. Or it's about to be. I saw a commercial for it the other night.

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